Do you want a relocation specialist that personally handles all aspects of your move? Welcome to Fast Paced Shipping. We were founded on May 1st 2014 with one goal, to serve each customer as an individual who has unique relocation requirements.

AnywhereAt Fast Pace Shipping you have options: from corporate relocations to household goods and personal effects, you can ship small loads or get full container service.
Our experienced and knowledgeable staff understands that all clients have different needs as well as different expectations and budgets. We pride ourselves in our customer service and our customer satisfaction ratings, we always work with customers to make this the best shipping experience they will have.

We continually strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Fast Pace Shipping closely monitors every shipment delivery to assure that it will get delivered in a timely manner. This style of close management enables us to run a very efficient operation, thus saving time and money for the customer.

Customer ServiceThe complete safe shipment of cargoes is one of the primary objectives of Fast Paced Shipping (FPS). The following are steps that FPS takes to insure that your cargo is safe and secure

  • The right container for the job should be selected. Does the cargo need refrigeration, ventilation, special handling equipment, and securing devices in the container? Is it for exclusive use? All of these information we gather prior to loading the cargoes in the containers.
  • FPS pre-plans the stowage of the cargo in container. The weight is spread evenly over the entire length and width of the floor of the container.
  • Smooth metal-to-metal contact is avoided for its causes a slippery surface. The slogan “Pack it tight to ride right” is the slogan we live by.